26 Things You Probably Never Knew About Chanel


There’s no befuddling those interlocking Cs; the famous Chanel logo is one we’ve all observed (and hungered for). In any case, before the brand turned into a desire commendable mark, it was only a humble millinery shop in Paris. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, whom we know as Coco, changed the course of design history when she started her business in 1909. She originally rose to prevalence amid the turn of the century, yet customers still go wild for the knitted packs and two-conditioned shoes envisioned such a long time ago.

So how did Chanel develop to end up the powerhouse it is today? We thought back on the brand’s longstanding history, from Coco’s commencement to Karl Lagerfeld’s everlasting impact on the style house, to discover precisely what makes Chanel so unique. Since as Coco once stated: “I don’t do form, I am design.” Read on for a small history exercise on the brand that changed ladies’ style until the end of time.


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